Why sponsor Ragnar??                  Manage Risk with Knowledge and Reflection     

Life is risky, one has to make the right choices, but risk also makes life interesting and fun. The higher the risk, the higher the gain, but risk has to be managed with knowledge and reflection. Most progress, be it technological, artistic or personal, is made by taking risks, but the percentage of success is governed by with how much knowledge and reflection the risk is taken.

The Enduro Sport, and especially the Dakar Rally is risky because it is such a highly technical sport involving glide and speed and so many elements in the preparation to stand at the Finish in Dakar in good health and with a working Rally bike. Over the last 11 years, I think that I can say that I managed the risk in a good way by always keeping my body in good physical shape, preparing my Race bikes with technical know how and riding with a good margin to finish the Races I entered with good Results.

Please help me to stand at the Start of the Dakar Rally on 31st December 2006 well prepared by helping me to be in Budget early. That way I can send my registration documents in to the organisers on 1st of June 2006, order the Motorbike in time and make my Race preparations so that very little is left to luck, limiting the risks at a maximum and hoping for a first time Finish in the Dakar Rally with a good Result.

Finally, a lot of people start asking me: "How much money have you got to put in yourself??" I don't know, ask me again end January 2007, it's part of the risks of my life, the experience gained might be great however!

Thank you very much,

Ragnar Katerbau