Approximative Dakar Budget:                        

Dakar Race Registration (Motorbike):                    3500 Eur

(includes all petrol in Africa)

Dakar Race Registration (Rider):                            9500 Eur

(includes all food in Bivouacs, medical assistence and safety provisions)

Motorbike (KTM 660 Rally):                               22000 Eur

International Rally Licence:                                     1100 Eur

Rally Tires and TireBalls budget:                             2000 Eur

Sprocket and chain kit                                            1400 Eur

Plane Ticket back from Dakar:                                 500 Eur

Assistence Team:                                                  10000 Eur

Total:                                                                    50000 Eur


Info from the Dakar site:

These rates include

Sporting fees
Transportation of vehicle and people between Europe and Africa
Transportation of a trunk and two wheels (bike trunk plane)
Bivouac meals in Africa
The Insurances policy includes the Circulation Civil Responsibility and the Repatriation - Medical Insurance during the whole event.
The Bivouac at the Pink Lake and the Sunday evening party in Dakar for the competitor and his family.
Hiring of GPS and distress beacon*
Hiring of IriTrack satellite monitoring system*
Hiring of Sentinel system*
Refuelling at bivouac and during specials (not on liaisons)*
Return by boat* from Dakar or repatriation if quitting during the race (as far as possible, see regulation conditions)

* vehicle lump sum

These rates do not include

Visa costs (mandatory)
Satellite telephone (no longer mandatory)
Fuel in Europe and on liaison
Travel costs (VSO lump sum, return plane from Dakar, board & accommodation in Europe and on arrival)