Ragnar Katerbau                    

                                                                     born: 28-09-1965 in Brussels, Belgium

                                                                                 Nationality: German

                                                                 lives with Sabine, 2 children Toby and Hugo

                             Ragnar Katerbau              Toby & Hugo

                                     Baccaloreate European School Brussels (Uccle) 1984 Mathematics - Languages

                                              1984-1989 University of Essex, E.S.I.E.E. Paris, TU Karlsruhe

                                                                Lives and works in Holland since 1989

                                                           Quadrilingual: German, English, French, Dutch

                      Education: MSC Electronic Engineering (Computers, Telecommunications, Measurement Electronics)

                      Profession: Patent Examiner (speciality: Computers, Sensors) at European Patent Office since 1989


                                  Skiing, Windsurfing, Motorbiking (Enduro, Cross, Trial), Running, Fitness

                              Mechanics(T.I.G. welding, Race Preparation for Motorbikes / Suspension setup)