Den Haag, 2-05-2007

After the amazing experience, Dakar 2007 as Motorbike Competitor #50 with Dutch Team Dakar, my Team has asked me to be Team Manager for the Dakar2008.

I accepted the challenge and Dutch Team Dakar is of course in full preparations to stand at the start in January 2008 well prepared for the edition 2008, which will go from Lisbonne to Dakar, through Marocco and Mauretania arriving in Sénégal. In less than 15 days we will send our inscription forms.

We will most probably have 7 Motorbike Competitors in the Team and a Rookie Race Lorry with Dakar Motorbike veteran Pascal de Baar and 3 times Dakar assistance Lorry Driver Ronald Happel at the commands. I will myself be placed in the Assistance Toyota Landcruiser with a Driver and 2 Mechanics. Last but not least, spare parts and rider trunks will be carried by a 6x6 Assistance Lorry prepared and driven by Jack Brouwer from JB-Trading, accompanied by 2 mechanics.

In the long preparation phase, I have the task of making all team members work as a team, efficiently lead the team meetings and see that schedules are kept. During the two and a half week Race in January 2008 I will have the task of liaising with the organisation, have visas stamped, coordinate the Team bivuac activities, take-send foto's and daily reports to the team webmaster in Holland and help with the maintenance work on the Race Motorbikes and Truck if necessary, and usually in a Dakar that is necessary.

Greetings for now,

Ragi, Team Manager Dutch Team Dakar 2008