A good friend of mine and 2 times ISDE Bronze medallist Erik W. of Etos-W., wanted to help straight away and found a business opportunity when he saw the RagiTech site, which came over to him as serious and professional even though we are just at the beginning. Erik is offering 10% on goods sold via RagiTech towards the RagiTech Dakar Project. Take a look at the nice gifts below, ideal for your partner or business relation at Xmas or New Year, when the Dakar Rally starts, or simply as a Valentine's, Mother's / Father's Day, Birthday- or simply as a nice surprise Gift.

Please order HERE, indicating name, address, which gift, quantity

and make your payment to the RagiTech Race Team.

Click on the image for an enlargement.                                                      

Gift for Sir 25 EUR        Gift for Sir 45 Eur

                       Gift for Sir 25 EUR                                                          Gift for Sir 45 EUR  

Gift for Lady 25 EUR        Gift for Lady 30 Eur

                       Gift for Lady 25 Eur                                                         Gift for Lady 30 Eur

Gift for Lady 75 Eur        Gift for very special Lady

                        Gift for Lady 75 Eur                                                        Gift for Lady 150 Eur