What is ENDURO, you might ask.....?                        

Off-Road Motorcycling or Scrambling some will answer, But there is much more to it!

Enduro is first of all a Glide Sport like Skiing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Windsurfing etc. and hence a Lot of Fun. This is probably also the reason why sportsmen from those Funsport disciplines pick up the riding skills relatively quickly.

However, at Enduro Competition Level there is a lot more elements to consider than just Riding Skills:

An Enduro Race is like a Rally with a round course of 60km to 100km in which there are some special stages which are timed. The round course is to be ridden several times which makes the Race Day last between 6h to 9hours. The sport is about riding around the course reliably and having time enough at the intermediary tanking stops to refuel the Motorbike and the Rider. If everything goes well around the sometimes very technical round course the Rider who spends the least time in the special tests over the day wins. To me, the real Enduro Races are several Day events with different round courses and special tests each day. Not an easy task for the event organizer, But definitely the best way to find the fastest Enduro Rider.


                    Technical Round Course                                                                          Timed Special Stage

1. The Enduro Rider has to prepare his Motorbike before a Race. Good mechanical skills are needed to make adaptations to the Motorbike so that it is more performant than the stock bike and the suspension needs to be set up optimally for different terreins. The sand of Holland is completely different to the rocks of Auvergne in France.

2. The Enduro Rider has to have good Fitness. This will ensure that the Rider can endure Hard conditions over a long time and has impulsive strength for a short time to help himself get out of a tricky situation and perform well in the timed special tests. Last but not least, good Fitness and Endurance will keep the Rider concentrated for a longer period of time, which reduces risk to fall and hence injury. Good Fitness is also the key to little injury in case of a fall.

3. The Enduro Rider has to maintain his Motorbike after the Race

4. The different types of Races contain many elements in itself. Riding skills on different terreins, experience, good Motorbike setup, good judgment of own capabilities at every moment of the Race and mental strength is required. I always see it as there being  Motorbike Points, Body Points and Race points. This is especially true for real Enduros, i.e. several day events and in particular the ISDE, international six days enduro, the World Championships for teams. If one has only the Race points in mind, the Rider will tire out more rapidly, make mistakes, fall more, deconcentrate, break parts on the Motorbike and accumulate little injuries which have to be carried from Race Day to Race Day. The key to success and a good competition result is hence to know one's capabilities and manage the Bike and Body well, Race Results will be obtained automatically.


                   Round Course ISDE Portugal                                                               Special Stage ISDE Slovakia

I came to Enduro at a relatively late age of 29, But I have been doing a lot of Glide Sports since very young. Skiing, Waterskiing and Skateboarding, since the age of 5, then Windsurfing from 15. I have also always played sport to keep Fit like Running and Squash. After 14 years of Windsurfing, mainly in the waves of Scheveningen / Holland it was time for a new challenge, more elements...Enduro!


                     Powder Skiing in France