Sierra et Rambla Day -2 (30 -Sept-2006)

We arrived at Hotel Agades situated at the beach in San Josť (near Almeria) around 15h00.

Pascal de Baar

Pascal de Baar

and Bob Coerse

Bob Coerse

Sierra et Rambla Day -1 (1st-Oktober-2006)

We attached the new combined Roadbook and ICO control switch to Pascal's and Ragnar's Rally bike, then we went for a 80 km Test Trip into the mountains.

1st stop

1st stop: Pascal's bike stopped: Repair in 10min, the spark plug contact rattled loose.

Pascal and Bob

Ragnar and Bob


Bob and Ragnar


View towards the coast

Pascal on Ragnar's KTM660

We had a good day testing and tomorrow we will ride the 1st Roadbook day of 195km.