Today we had the administrative checks and technical inspection of the motorbikes in the cultural capital 2007, Sibiu-Hermannstadt Romania.

First Johan bet that the Dutch Husqvarna Team de Graaff/vdLaan will finish the Race, Ragi bet 100Eur against it! All checks went well and we are ready to Race. From 19h30 to 20h00 we were then allowed to test all the obstacles of the Prologue which will be held tomorrow and determine the starting order of Day 2 when we will leave the city and Race in rough mountain terrain. Marcel Pronk and Wouter de Graff took all obstacles with no problem and Ragi played it safe and left the narrow ramp into the trees alone. Johan raced mainly up and down the stairs in the flat building and leaves the ramps for tomorrow. On one of the tree trunks he bent his brake lever which we have fixed by now!

Tomorrow we will race on that very technical course for 15 min and finish the current round.

See the other pictures of the obstacles.

Ragi didn't take this one