Begin February the Dutch international Enduro riders will start the 2009 Enduro season with a Team Training in the North of France. Wet grass test training and steep uphill training is on the program. The 2008 Trophy Team Riders

Ralph Hubers, E1

Amel Advokaat, E1

Hans Vogels, E2

Alex van den Broek, E2

Erwin Plekkenpol, E3

Mark Wassink, E3

will be joined by 6 young riders

Erald Lammertink, 23 years old and Dutch Enduro Champion E1

Dave Elsinga, 23 years old, 3rd Dutch Enduro Championship E2 behind Hans and Alex

Rik Broer, 22 years old, 1st Dutch Enduro Championship National N1

Bj÷rn Schreijer, 23 years old, Fastest National Rider Dutch Enduro Championship N2

Ismo ten Velde, 21 years old, young talent

Barend Haayer, 22 years old, ISDE and European championship experience

Physiotherapist Jan Broekhof, ex Trophy Rider CornÚ van Oirschot and myself will see to the smooth running and organisation of this Team Training.


Ragnar Katerbau, KNMV international Enduro

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